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Recent Sales Represented the Buyer

3903 Lakemead Way, Redwood City

List Price: $1,198,000
Sale Price:$1,200,000

950 Cherry Street, San Carlos

List Price:$745,000
Sale Price:$740,000

142 Exbourne Avenue, San Carlos

List Price:$989,000
Sale Price:$990,000

1581 James Avenue, Redwood City

List Price:$949,000
Sale Price:$904,000

2636 Ponce Avenue, Belmont

List Price:$780,000
Sale Price:$745,000

990 McCue Avenue, San Carlos

List Price:$649,000
Sale Price:$650,000

1154 Carlton Avenue, Menlo Park

List Price:$419,000
Sale Price:$410,000

1825 Cedar Street, San Carlos

List Price:$1,088,000
Sale Price:$1,050,000

1430 Gordon Street #F, Redwood City

List Price:$627,500
Sale Price:$607,500

222 Laurel Street #309, San Carlos

List Price:$389,950
Sale Price:$365,000

3382 Brittan Avenue #11, San Carlos

List Price: $608,000
Sale Price:$635,000

30 Mariani Court, Redwood City

List Price: $1,033,000
Sale Price: $1,050,000

1451 James Avenue, Redwood City

List Price: $1,048,000
Sale Price:$990,000

3878 Farm Hill Boulevard, Redwood City

List Price: $1,345,000
Sale Price:$1,160,000

2230 Carmelita Avenue, San Carlos

List Price: $1,399,950
Sale Price:$1,362,000

1375 Alicante Drive, Pacifica

List Price: $529,000
Sale Price:$535,000

3332 Brittan Avenue #12, San Carlos

List Price:$599,000
Sale Price:$555,000

598 Quartz Street, Redwood City

List Price:$698,800
Sale Price:$675,000

2080 Glen Way East, Palo Alto

List Price:$680,000
Sale Price:$681,000

1434 Cordilleras Avenue, San Carlos

List Price:$850,000
Sale Price: $850,000

2502 Coronet Avenue, Belmont

List Price: $800,00
Sale Price: $700,000

1104 Ladera Way, Belmont

List Price:$1,199,000
Sale Price:$1,100,000

650 Wellington Drive, San Carlos

List Price:$1,765,000
Sale Price:$1,765,000

900 Beach Park Boulevard #147, Foster City

List Price:$455,000
Sale Price:$370,000

528 Davey Glen Road, Belmont

List Price:$999,888
Sale Price:$980,000

1500 Escondido Way, Belmont

List Price:$1,250,000
Sale Price:$1,375,000

222 Laurel Street #311, San Carlos

List Price:$474,000
Sale Price:$474,000